Get your gifts at Pure Hands-On Therapies

Small gifts for your family and friends at Christmas or any time. We have this lovely natural wood jewellery from Jamaica. We also have other carved wood, glass paperweights and pictures on canvas. For a bigger present, you can buy a gift voucher for any of our large range of treatments. Treat a loved one … Read more

New book: Swedish Massage and Sex

Pure Hands’ new book is now available from Amazon. Now as a paperback, e-book coming soon. The author details her experiences as a massage therapist and its health benefits. She discusses openly that massage can sometimes come with an expectation of sex which can create a stigma about the therapy. The book discusses her experiences … Read more

What is the difference between Reflexology and Swedish Massage?

Reflexology is massage of the feet, working on the zones and all the organs of the body, while Swedish Massage works on the muscles and tissues of the body. Swedish Massage can target the superficial or deeper layer of muscles and tissues of the body and can be tailored to suit individual circumstances.Benefits:Reflexology helps to … Read more