New at Pure Hands: pumice stone scrubs for your feet

Here are some pumice stone scrubs with real wood handles, crafted in the Caribbean. Natural and safe for your feet, and long-lasting.

Pumice is a stone that was formed in explosive volcanic eruptions, and it contains more air than rock. The tool removes tough, dry skin (callus) and dead skin cells from your feet. It relieves discomfort in your shoes and improves the appearance of your feet.

Use 2/3 times per week after a shower or a long soak in the bath. Don’t use it on dry feet. One side has a coarse scrub and the other is fine. You can pop into Pure Hands-On Therapies for a pedicure or to purchase one of these scrubs. They cost £5, and you won’t have to buy another as it will last a very long time.

After use, just run your pumice stone scrub under warm water using an old toothbrush to clean the callus from it, and prop it upright to drip and dry.

This pumice stone is very healthy and good for your feet. It will prevent harden areas from further build up and maintain healthy feet.