5 reasons why you should forgive and never hold on to grudges

Greetings from Pure Hands. Our topic today is FORGIVENESS. Unforgiveness is a very serious problem, whether you believe in the Bible or not, whether you believe God exists or not. The Bible says, if you can’t forgive your fellow human being, God will never forgive you. Please note: this is very deep!

  • Unforgiveness is a very heavy load; imagine you carrying it around with you everywhere you go, not to mention people who carry it around for many, many years.It will create a sense of bitterness inside you and resentment, not only towards the person that hurt you, but to yourself, causing all different kinds of ailment.
  • Unforgiveness and grudges will stop you from living life to your true potential; they serve no purpose, except to strengthen a sense of false self.
  • If you forgive you will feel lighter and your life’s energy will flow more freely, allowing you to reap all the health benefits, such as a healthier heart, lower stress levels, lowering your blood pressure and a prolonged life.
  • You will also experience contentment and peace the moment you truly forgive and let go and reclaim your power from the mind. Only you can truly forgive.
  • Forgiveness and unforgiveness are a spiritual agenda, you cannot see it with the naked eyes, neither can your doctor, but you can feel it, If it no longer serves you let it go and move on.

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