11 Affirmations you should repeat and live by daily

Affirmation is to assure or to agree something is true, so basically it means to tell yourself or someone something positively to disseminate any doubts, feelings or belief you may have.

Listen folks, this is real and it works, stay with me and let me explain…..Imagine you woke up one morning not feeling well and you kept saying to yourself, “oh, I’m not feeling well,” and so you decided to stay in bed, for that whole day you will automatically not feeling well. Oh yes!

Now imagine you woke up one morning not feeling well, but you chose to get up anyway, you make your bed and tidy your room, you get the kids ready for school, you walk the dog even. Eventually you will start to feel well. Isn’t it?

Get out of the house, start talking to Mother Earth/Mother Nature, say what you want to happen or how you want to feel, she will listen, but remember now if you speak positive or send out positive vibration it will return to you, like wise if you speak negative or send out negative vibration it comes right back at you.

Trust me the clouds will be lifted and you will feel 100%.

So here we go: first affirmation to start your day is:

  • Give Thanks for a new day, new beginning; “Remember gratitude keeps us connected to the Universe, count you self lucky as lots of people went to bed the night before and never get the chance to wake up. When you cultivate gratitude, you will feel true joy and contentment.
  • Give yourself permission to be well, only you can do it by saying, “I give myself permission to be well.” There you set the assurance or the agreement to allow yourself wellness. Create the kind of day you want and so it shall be.
  • Repeat these words after me…”My life is in Divine order and I live in abundance, I said so and so it is!”Declare it in your life and soon you will see your amazing transformation. Abundance don’t necessarily means money, but most importantly wealth in your health.
  • Look yourself in the mirror and remind yourself how beautiful you are, you are an amazing and a magnificent infinite being. Don’t wait for someone to tell you, you need to tell yourself. Praise and appreciate yourself and soon others will see you bursting with self-love, self- worth, confidence and Divinity.
  • Now that you’re loving yourself, you are able to give love to others and help someone every day, even if you have to go out of your way. Be kind, not only by giving money, but speak nicely with positive words. You see, words are powerful and they sticks, They can either lift you up or tear you down and so by speaking positively twill definitely help to create someone’s day and only by first loving yourself can you truly express that love to someone else.
  • Fill your consciousness with loving, healthy positive thoughts that will reflect themselves in your outward appearance. Whatever goes on in the inside will mirror on the outside. If you are angry and bitter, you can’t be positive at the same time, so therefore you will display behaviours of anger and bitterness.
  • Get plenty of relaxation, it will help to repair and rejuvenates your body, book a massage, do yoga, meditate and be mindful. Mindfulness will help you to be aware of your inner thoughts and your surroundings and keeps you in the present moment.
  • Practice to greet people genuinely, when you enter a building and other people are already there, when you go into work and your work colleagues are already at work, greet them, say good morning it will not only break the ice it will help to create a day of peace and love and tranquil. Even if you greet someone and they don’t greet you back, it doesn’t matter…..It’s not about them, it’s about you and your wellbeing.
  • Speak good about people, well if you can’t speak good do not speak at all, don’t be judgemental, or criticize or gossip to someone about someone else, it’s not a good practice, bad for your mental health and it is against the Universal Law.
  • Learn to forgive your fellow human being, don’t be hard on yourself, but first forgive yourself and so you can forgive anyone who has hurt me. Here comes the question, “well, what if I can’t forgive someone who has done me something heinous?”Yes you can! Somewhere deep down in your consciousness is compassion and empathy, get it out and forgive, not for the person’s sake, but for your own sake.
  • Don’t count yourself better than anyone else, just because you may have a few £££££ more, a better house or even owned your house, and a nice car. People are more valuable than things regardless of what you think. Your money can work for you, but you’ll still need people to do the physical job. We only get 6ft in the earth when we die or some may choose to be cremated in that case; they won’t take up no further space in the world. Count yourself to be one with each other…..One Life….One Love…One Blood, we all are one.

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